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As a homeowner, it’s fair to expect all aspects of the property to be structurally sound and up to code. This is especially true with concrete. Driveways, walkways, patios and even the foundations of the home is crucial to be properly contracted. If you are looking for the best concrete specialists in Boulder, then you have come to the right place! We perform the highest quality concrete jobs in the area, and are the go to company for all things concrete! From new concrete pours to repairs, we do it all. 

Boulder Colorado Concrete Contractors has been perfecting concrete work over a number of years, continually improving our craft with each job and each added year. When it comes to quality of work combined with competitive pricing on jobs, it’s widely understood why we are the chosen company for concrete work in Boulder.

As a company, we devote ourselves to impressing our customers in all aspects of our process. We are committed to safety, trust, and quality with our concrete jobs. Having a safe job site for our workers and our customers is of top priority for us. We make sure the planning, execution, and clean up portions of every job is as safe as possible. 

Committing to safety allows our customers to trust us with their business and trust us with their friends and families business as well. We make it a goal for our customers to trust us to the point where they feel comfortable giving out referrals for concrete work. Being able to trust a contractor with something as crucial as concrete is of extreme importance to the homeowners property. This is something we prioritize at Boulder Concrete Contractors.

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We pride ourselves in the most quality concrete work found in Boulder Colorado. If we don’t meet your expectations, we will absolutely do what is needed to change that. We prefer taking our time and making sure every concrete job is top quality, rather than rushing through the job to get it done fast. Taking our time is important to us to give our customers the best bang for their buck and it also helps build trust in the relationship too.

We offer a variety of services and materials we can use on certain projects. Our services include driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks. For driveway projects, there are a few materials to consider such as concrete, brick or stone, or asphalt.

Driveways, pros & cons, tips

What is the best type of driveway for you? What’s the cost of different types of driveways? When it comes to concrete, brick/stone, or asphalt there are pros and cons to every material and price differences as well. 

Asphalt prices are on average $4-8 per square foot depending on geographical location. It is always going to be the lowest initial cost, but a drawback is it has the highest level of maintenance of these materials. About every 3 years after the initial install you should expect to do another resurfacing. Asphalt will develop cracks and the cracks need to be filled with this rubber compound filling to keep the cracks from spreading.

Concrete is usually in the middle for pricing at $8-12 per square foot. Concrete has the lowest amount of maintenance out of the materials, but a drawback is salt can severely deteriorate concrete. For snowy areas that use salt a lot to melt the ice, this might not be a good idea.

A good way to avoid this deterioration of the concrete would be to use something other than salt to melt the ice and snow. This would be the best way to keep the concrete in pristine condition. Another great way to avoid cracks spreading in concrete slabs is to saw joints into them. These joints are seen all over new concrete projects from the last 10 years or so and it’s definitely a newer technique.

Pavers (or the brick/stone designs) are going to be the most expensive averaging between $12-24 per square foot. They come with a medium level of maintenance, they can develop weeds. The seeds can get into the spacing between stones, so this might need some spot treating of weeds every now and then. 

The beauty of pavers is they never crack but there is a tendency for pavers to settle. This means over time some of the bricks and stones will sink a little lower than the rest of the driveway. This has a very easy solution to it, just pull the stones out of where they are settling, add more base material so it sits flush, then put the paver back on and stamp into place. This makes for a life-long product with a medium level of maintenance. A tip for if there happens to be an oil stain on the pavers that can’t be scrubbed out, pop them out and flip them over and it will look like a brand new paver.

Stamped colored concrete is a material that you might want to avoid for a few reasons. Sometimes companies will surface spray the concrete for color, and when the concrete cracks because it inevitably will, it will ruin the illusion of the stamped colored concrete. The best way to go with stamped colored concrete is to request all the concrete be colored, that way when cracks do come up, it won’t pop out at you so much. 

A great tip for any hard surface around a home but especially driveways is to increase the base material that goes underneath the concrete. Normally it will be 4 inches of base, but request 6 inches to dramatically increase the life from the cushion you get that starts at the earth through the base material all the way to the hard surface.

If you choose concrete as your hard surface, another great tip is to deepen the concrete pour from 4 inches to 6 inches. Overall, if you can add 2-4 more inches of base and hard surface material than normal, it will last you many more years.

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